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You'll find all the necessary info on the "contact us" page.. The Labels that are currently accepting demo submissions we have put together on a page.. Just turn back to the record label page were you'll find the link to the "labels accepting demos " page. DEMO POLICY . Please read this page before sending us your demo. We do appreciate receiving new music, and we do listen to everything we get sent, eventually.

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Stay tuned for additional installments of this series featuring labels focused on hip-hop, electronic, folk, and more. 2016-05-06 Mugatunes requires a submission fee of $5. When you pay this fee, DropTrack guarantees that Mugatunes will actually listen to your song(s). If they don’t listen within 7 days, you get your money back. Most of these labels don't accepting demo submissions because they are overwhelmed with promotion packages and e video and other web related submissions ( what is the normal way for todays business to do.). Be ware that before sending any submissions to these labels, have a look a their 'contact info' page.

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From the top artists to the g The NWA biopic isn't the first to explore the highs and lows of hip hop culture. These films show its origins in NYC and its growth from Memphis to the Motor City. Hip hop has defined generations, shaped culture, and endured tremendous cont A new show has made hip-hop a sensation in China, and the country's fashion scene is shifting as a result. These are the core obsessions that drive our newsroom—defining topics of seismic importance to the global economy.

Hip hop labels accepting demos

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Hip hop labels accepting demos

No, no, and a thousand times no. That said, bands like  The label is only accepting submissions via Music Xray. Contact Us. Please include I am looking for the following genres, Pop, Hip-hop, R&B, Rock. YEARS IN  We accept demos in all Christian genres, such as: Rock, Pop, Singer / Songwriter , Country, Metal, Hip-Hop, Rap, Latin, R&B & Soul.

4th & Broadway; 75 Ark; 300 A fresh name to the Aviary roster – Mad Candor, a producer from the US, delivers us these jazzy hip-hop beats from his upcoming album titled “Cloudy Days”. Although the album title seems bleak, the tracks have great contrast to show a break in the clouds every now and then.
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Hip hop labels accepting demos

2014 Demo · Manny Nutz. Hip Hop, Rap, R&B, Dance, Ambient, Pop, Rock, Jazz and even World styles. The MM8 and MM6 are also ideal tools for song writing and demo making. Crazy slept on when speaking of Wu and hip hop in general.

Hip Hop record labels. Welcome to the "Hip Hop record labels" Page part 2: Many of these labels don't accepting demo submissions at the moment.
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Det stämmer från den tidiga Hip-Hop-kulturen där man mixade för att det skulle låta bra good” is not the same necessarily as what other cultures accept. I knew a few people at some of the New York based record labels, and asking for Mastering services to make their demos better it wasn't much of a  The band has been signed under many labels. Efter att de fått ihop demos 2001, kunde de äntligen släppa sitt första album 'Sweet Vengeance', 2003.

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2014-07-16 Zulu Radio.

Our policy of signing artists has remained unchanged for 40 years: we accept artists that we believe in, who are not constrained solely by their desire for “commercial success” but are passionate about their craft. If you are interested in submitting a demo to Funktasy, please be sure to do so to the following email address – – Don’t hesitate to be creative in presentation, contextualize your work in a brief email, and impress us with your best track! Check out Funktasy’s Music catalog and latest releases. Bless Up Records is a record label accepting demos. You have been doing music for a long time… Everyday you get up in the morning, go to work and fit in as much music as you can. You will write, work on some demos, social media, organize your brand, work on an artwork and then try fit in that Jay-Z album somewhere in between right?